Aerus Laundry Pro 2.0 With ActivePure® Technology

No Detergent. No Hot Water. More Savings.

ActivePure® Technology works to lift away dirt and odors to leave your clothes softer than ever without the use of detergent. Over time, it can even remove heavy detergent build-up on towels, linens, and clothes to help restore their natural softness.

  • ✔ Ease of Use - add your laundry, set it to cold water, and turn the washer on. The Blue lights will indicate that it's working
  • ✔ No Maintenance - requires no cleaning or maintenance to operate at peak performance
  • ✔ Easy to Install - connects to your existing washing machine using standard hoses

  • ✔ Whiter Whites, Brighter Colors - helps keep clothes looking their best by utilizing ActivePure® Technology and the cleaning power of water with hydrogen & oxygen-based oxidizers
  • ✔ Earth-Friendly - Cold water and no detergent bottles to throw away make Laundry Pro 2.0 a better choice for cleaning clothes while protecting the planet

Over time, Laundry Pro 2.0 lifts old detergents out of fibers, restoring their natural softness